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All jewellery is fragile and requires proper care. Water, dust, pollution, seawater, natural body oils, chemicals and daily wear can affect natural stones and precious metals.

We recommend you examine your jewellery regularly to make sure settings are snug and clasps and joints are secure.

Sterling Silver tarnishes over time, especially when exposed to salt air and products containing sulphur, such as rubber bands and some types of paper. Tarnishing and any dullness, can be removed with a non-abrasive silver polishing cloth.

Pearl Jewellery can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth and care should be taken to keep it free from perfumes, cosmetics and chemicals. If you wear your pearls regularly, or other strung items, we encourage you to have them checked and restrung annually.

When not wearing your jewellery, we recommend that you place the piece back in its original case or another suitably lined box or pouch to avoid scratching and tangling with other pieces.

To protect marcasite jewellery, care should be taken to avoid getting the stones wet. The best way to clean marcasite jewellery is simply to wipe the surface with a damp cloth then dry it with a soft, dry cloth. Make sure the item is thoroughly dry before storing it.


Fuse jewellery is guaranteed for three months from date of purchase. Special care is essential and we cannot be responsible for personal wear and tear.

Caring for Your Fuse Silver Jewellery

Remember to store your jewellery in a safe and secure place. Avoid dust, moisture and direct light to ensure your jewellery does not tarnish and discolour. When wearing, simply follow the golden rule "Last On / First Off’. Put jewellery on last so that it is not sprayed with perfumes and hairspray. Take it off first, before your clothing and before going to bed to avoid it being snagged or crushed.

Never sleep, bath or swim in your jewellery. Chains may kink, earring posts may bend, and contact with water, especially chlorinated or salt water is especially damaging to silver.

Sterling Silver may tarnish and oxidise. This is a natural reaction to chemicals in the atmosphere, heat and the body oils of the wearer. Discoloration can usually be removed by careful use of a good quality jewellery cleaning cloth. Contact with perfume, hairspray, chlorinated or salt water or household cleaning products should always be avoided. Silver is a malleable (soft) metal; therefore be gentle with earring posts, clasps etc as they can bend or break under excessive force. Gemstones can also scratch, crack or chip if dropped.

Specific Jewellery Care

Some Fuse Silver pieces require more care than others and it is important that you know how to take care of these special pieces. For example, there is a difference between jewellery that is suitable for everyday wear and other jewellery which is meant for occasional wear. There is also a difference between how you should clean a plain silver bangle and a pave-set stone ring.

In general Fuse Silver advises against the use of commercial silver 'dip' solutions because they are unsuitable for cleaning hollow, oxidised, stone set, pearl or plated jewellery and can cause surface deterioration.

Following are some specific care guidelines:

Plain Silver
Usually suitable for everyday wear unless it is a fragile design. Can be cleaned with a silver cleaning cloth - more difficult tarnishing may require a professional polish.

Oxidised Silver
Usually suitable for everyday wear unless it is a fragile design. Best to clean oxidised silver with a soft cleaning cloth - do not use silver dip as this will remove the oxidisation.

Electroformed Silver
Electroformed silver dents more easily than cast or stamped silver. Clean with a soft cleaning cloth - do not use silver dip as electroformed jewellery is hollow and it is very hard to remove solution from inside.

Suitable for occasional wear only. Do not drop or knock resin jewellery. Clean with warm soapy water. A silver cloth can be used on silver parts.

Direct exposure to cosmetics and cleaning agents may affect lustre and colour. Clean with a silver cloth or warm soapy water.

Stone Set Jewellery
Can be suitable for everyday wear but depends on design - pave jewellery for example, is more suited to occasional wear. Clean with warm soapy water.

Marcasite Jewellery
Suitable for occasional wear only. Direct exposure to water, cosmetics and cleaning agents will affect the security of the stones. Gently clean with a silver cloth.

Matte Silver
Usually suitable for everyday wear unless it is a fragile design. Polishing cloths are not suitable for matte finished jewellery.

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